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            • Smooth tech-transfer from lab scale to pilot and commercial manufacturing
            • Process validation and campaign report
            • Full process safety and hazard assessment
            • Change control during manufacturing
            • Bulk hazardous material handling
            • Bulk material sourcing

            We have the leading technology domestic and international platform with first-class level.

            Through long term efforts, ABAchem has seized many years experiences of accumulated technology in chiral synthesis, nitrogen-containing heterocyclic synthesis, and carbohydrate chemistry technology.
            ABAchem cooperate actively with the domestic first-class research institutes, study abroad forefront of the industrial application of synthesis techniques, such as with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry together to build enterprise academician workstation, training a group of high-end technical personnel, and gradually establish a leading domestic and international first-class technical service platform.

            in fields such as nitrogen-containing heterocyclic aza-indole nucleus has a unique technology, develop a process for the commercial production of high-quality products.

            Asymmetric screening and production, industrialized Chiral recycling applications, the ligand synthesis technology and other technology has a strong advantage.

            in the field of carbohydrate chemistry has a proprietary technology development team, and with mature industrial column chromatography equipment and industrial automated protein purification instrument.

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